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by Marvi Sirmed in Daily Times, September 12th 2017
ISLAMABAD: The latest issue of Jaish-e-Mohammad’s (JeM) weekly magazine Al-Qalam lashes out at the extremist Buddhist monk who has been labelled as ‘Buddhist bin Laden’ by global media.
“This Buddhist terrorist is called ‘bin Laden of Buddhism’, while he is in fact ‘bin rat’,” says the leading column, which regularly appears in every issue of the Al-Qalam and is reportedly authored by the proscribed organisation’s emir Masood Azhar.
JeM’s tirade against the ultra nationalist monk Ashin Wirathu is because of his instigation of Myanmar’s …


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ISLAMABAD – The government has moved to amend “The Security of Pakistan Act, 1952” and replace the words “federal government” with “prime minister” so as to authorise the latter to make an order with respect to any particular person, that he be detained, to prevent him from acting prejudicial to the defence of the country, it has been learnt.
At present, the “federal government” is competent to exercise such powers under the Security of Pakistan Act, 1952 and take decisions in respect of restrictions on the movements of suspected persons and …

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by Jun Mai in South China Morning Post, Sept 12, 2017
For weeks, Ren Aijun and his team would keep the radio on or walk along a river when they needed to talk.
Ren and his graft-busting colleagues were in Tianjin to investigate corruption among the municipality’s leaders and did not want to be overheard by local law enforcers.
Their two-month mission three years ago had been well publicised but by the time it was over they had enough information to put the city’s notorious police chief, Wu Changshun, behind bars, according to …

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Report in Global Times, Sept 12, 2017
A man in Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region was sentenced to two years in prison after illegally teaching people about the Koran in a WeChat group, according to a verdict published on China Judgments Online run by China’s Supreme People’s Court.
Huang Shike was found guilty of illegally using information and the Internet, said the verdict released by the Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture branch court of Higher People’s Court of Xinjiang in March.
Huang, by preaching and teaching the Koran at non-religious venues, disturbed the …

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by Sachin Parashar in the Times of India, Sept 12, 2017
New Delhi: Russia has hailed the Xiamen BRICS Declaration and its naming of Pakistan-based terror groups as a victory for countries concerned about terrorism in South Asia. Despite it being seen as defending Pakistan from US pressure on the issue, Moscow’s position on Islamabad has been quite nuanced. Official sources here confirmed Russia worked actively to convince China to drop its opposition to namechecking the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Jaish-e-Muhammed (JeM).
The naming of these terror groups was seen by …