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Tianjin vows to crack down on pyramid schemes:

7 August 2017 No Comment

Report in Global Times, Aug 6, 2017 at 21:58:39
Tianjin has vowed to use all means to crack down on illegal pyramid schemes after a college graduate, who was reportedly hired by a pyramid scheme through a job site, was confirmed dead in Jinghai district in Tianjin, media reported on Sunday.

Zhao Fei, secretary of the Communist Party of China Tianjin Municipal Committee of Politics and Law, said in an urgent meeting that the city will launch a 20-day operation to crack down on illegal pyramid schemes, and it won’t rest until all of them are wiped out, local news site tjcaw.com reported on Sunday.

Tianjin would organize a special team from the public security bureaus to arrest those involved in illegal pyramid schemes. And the city will conduct checks on apartments for rent to gather information about pyramid scheme groups, read the report.

The media should publicize the operation to encourage people to disclose information on pyramid schemes, read the report, adding that the residents who offer tips to regulators would get rewards.

The operation was launched after Tianjin police confirmed that Li Wenxing was found dead in a puddle in Jinghai district on July 14. Police suspect Li was lured into a pyramid scheme before he died.

The 23-year-old graduate student of Northeastern University sent his CV to a fake company on zhipin.com on May 15, which only interviewed Li by phone and required him to report to the company on May 20, education technology media JMDedu reported on Wednesday.

Zhao said that more pyramid schemes have been noticed in Jinghai district in recent years despite the local government’s increased efforts to crack down on them.

“The incident of Li showed that more should be done to clamp down on pyramid schemes as the problem has become serious … we should eradicate the problem in consideration of social stability,” Zhao said.http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1059920.shtml

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