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the author  is a Kashmir-based journalist, thinker, rationalist, philosopher, writer and a public relations professional:
Jus ad bellum. Jus (or ius) ad bellum is the title given to the branch of law that defines the legitimate reasons a state may engage in war and focuses on certain criteria that render a war just. The principal modern legal source of jus ad bellum derives from the Charter of the United Nations, which declares in Article 2: “All members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or the use of force …

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Pakistan and France have a history of defence procurement/sales stretching back decades. The navy had its first Daphne-class submarines in 1971, succeeded by the Agosta 70s and 90s both equipped with the Exocet subsurface-to-surface missile. Exocets also equip our Sea King helicopters. We have for decades used the French Breguet Atlantique maritime reconnaissance aircraft; which is now rather long in the tooth and being replaced by the more capable P3C Orion. French Mirage fighters preceded today’s F16’s and now we hear that the French are to provide us with the …

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The Daily Times, July 24
The French minister said Pakistan was going through a difficult phase, adding that France would not only provide financial aid, but would also help in capacity building of its armed forces. She said France would provide modern equipment to tackle terrorism.
The French official hoped that Pakistan would be successful in implementing democracy and fighting terrorism. Idrac said France had pledged 300 million euros in aid for Pakistan at the Friends of Pakistan meeting in Tokyo.
Last year, the French minister said trade between the two countries showed …